Greek Mythology

hey everybody

when I was in I yr 3 I learnt a lot about Greek mythology and Egyptology.

then when I went to Roseville my first 2 best friends Caitlin  and Alex loved mythology as well. every lunch we went to the library talked and searched about Greek Mythology and Egyptology

here is some of the stories

Greek Mythology

Gaia  was the earth and Ouranus was the sky. they had 18 children the 12 mighty titans, 3 Cyclops and 3 Hecatoncheiries. but Ouranus threw the cyclopes and Hecatoncheiries in the under world because they were ugly. Gaia her husbands  was furious she got scythe and ask the titans to over throw their father. Only the youngest Kronos  was brave enough. Kronos cut his father into  a million pieces and was scattered in the ocean. Everyone was happy except Gaia because Kronos did not free his brothers.

Kronos married his sister Rhea and had many children. One day he heard that one of his children will overthrow him just like what he did to his father. so he ate them up. First it was Hestia then Hades,Poseidon, Demeter then Hera. Rhea was angry with Kronos so when baby Zeus was born Rhea hid him with some wood nymphs. Instead of giving Zeus to Kronos she gave him rocks instead. When Zeus was old enogh Rhea told him to free his siblings so he made Kronos vomit his siblings and then they declared that they would have war. Zeus went up to Gaia and asked how to win the war Gaia replied If Zeus freed the cyclopes one hundred handed ones then they will win the war so Zeus killed the jailer Kampe and freed the cyclopes and 100 handed one and they were on Zeus’s side. the war lasted ten days then finally Zeus and his siblings won the war so they chopped Kronos into a million pieces and threw him to Tartus the darkest part of the underworld. the siblings named themselves the olympians and the 3 brothers were to rule the world. Zeus was king of the gods and god of skies, eagles, thunder and lightning. Poseidon was god of the seas, horses, water, eathquakes and bulls and Hades tricked by Zeus got the Underworld that meant god of judgement, dead people,death, and darkness. the 3 sisters didn’t get the major lands but Hestia was goddess of hearth, warmth and family Demeter was harvest, farmers, and farmland and Hera was marriage, motherhood and peacocks.

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Hello Charlie

Yes I love Greek Mythology and Egyptology!

have you read the Percy Jackson series? Rick Riordon is amazing I’ve read all his books even son of netune the newest book he wrote

Who’s your favourite greek god I like Artemis, Hestia Hades and Poseidon.




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